Keep track of your models, inventory of paints and supplies with My Minis App. Flexible so that it could be used by miniature painters, collectors, gamers, artists, and everyone.

Download it here or click on the link below

Found a model that you want? Almost out of paint? My Minis App lets you keep your inventory and wishlist of models, paints, and supplies organized.

Quick access to your inventory and items you need to buy (wish list). 

You can add notes with your paint recipes, army/miniatures information, and/or any details you want to track. In addition to notes, you can mark the progress status (in %) and add up to 2 pictures (from camera or photo album).

This free app allows you to add and track up to 25 entries of models or paints/supplies for free. Give it a try!

In-App purchase will let you to have more entries. No subscription required. For unrestricted entries, please select the Unrestricted option.

This app is iCloud enabled and compatible with iPhones and iPads iOS14 and later.