Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of My Minis App! We keep adding features and improving the app so feel free to come back for updates.

  1. Need to create a wish list? Set item’s quantity to 0.
    If any of your items is getting low, you could set the quantity to 0. That way, your item will appear on the “Needed” tab. You could also share this list by clicking on “Share”.
  2. Need to share photos or item details? Use this icon Share Icon
    My Minis has 2 ways to share within the item view. The top share icon Share Icon will let you share the text details of your item. To share a picture, click on the icon below each one of the pictures.
  3. Use photos from your Phone’s Photo album.
    The app also supports adding pictures from your phone’s photo album. If you take many pictures of your model with your phone’s camera app, in My Minis app you could select the best ones and keep them there (2 per item).
  4. Categorize your models or supplies in groups of 15 or less.
    Add multiple categories for your models and/or supplies (i.e. Green tones, silver tones, brushes, etc.). It will help you browse your inventory better and get the best performance, specially if you have an older phone and/or if you need to sync across devices with iCloud.

Thanks for using My Minis!

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